Sunday Playlist: Randomity

I am generally very meticulous when it comes to making my playlists…not this week though. I just whipped this sucker up on Youtube.  I’m familiar with the music of half of the artists, the rest I heard for the first time today.

01. Laura Marling – My Manic And I  (I’ve listened to this song 10 times, it’s stunning).

02. Ani DiFranco – Untouchable Face

03. St. Vincent – Paris Is Burning

04. Sahara Hotnights – Neon Lights

05. Marianne Faithfull – Broken English

06. The Organ – Sinking Hearts

07. Slant 6 – Ladybug Superfly

08. Electrelane – Gone Under Sea

09. Ida Maria – When It Comes To You

10. Ladyhawke – My Delirium

11. La Roux – Quicksand



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