Monthly Archives: October 2012

Happy Halloween!

I’ve been in costume since 2 am, I baked spider/skeleton cupcakes, carved pumpkins, and bought a shit ton of candy. I’m ready for Halloween, hope you guys are too.

“Insanity” is the mos under rated Halloween song ever. I loves it!


Next Week Is Halloween!

I finally settled on a costume idea and so far I’ve only had to spend $6.99. All hail the Goodwill!

“Thriller” is always going to be a classic, but I think the Yeah Yeah Yeahs deserve some love.

Hey Guys!

I just got out of jail and I’m posting again! YAY FREEDOM!

More Paul Banks because I’ve loved this song for weeks now.

I wasn’t really in jail, I just moved and it’s taken me a long ass time to get settled in. I’m about 95% done, I’m hoping to post more in the future.