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The Mountaineers

I went to and got this song:

I likes.

Today’s a bad day for blogging.

My internet connection is actin’ a fool today. I wanted to post “Dilly” by Band Of Horses, but its not in the cards for today folks. Google it. It’s good. I’m about as sad as that cat. 😦


This is what I listen to while I’m at work:

I need to make some playlists…

Sunday Playlist: The National’s High Violet

I’ve been enjoying High Violet all week, give it a whirl.

I hope to blog this well one day:

This is why I love

“When Danger Mouse (he of The Grey Album fame) and James Mercer (vocalist and guitarist of perennial favorites and frequent soundtrack guests (The Shins) announced they would be collaborating on an album, I’m pretty sure the news caused a collective seizure of ecstasy that rippled like a shockwave through all of hipsterdom. Never before have so many skinny jeans been jizzed in at once.”

I hope to blog this well one day.

MP3: Broken Bells – The High Road

This isn’t the song I wanted to post today…

…but it’s pretty good.

Band Of Horses – Compliments

I stole this joke but it’s okay because this National song is fantastic.

The National+Sufjan Steven=heaven. Heaven or a great fucking song. I don’t know, I’m not so good at the maths.

MP3: The National (Featuring Sufjan Stevens) – Afraid Of Everyone

Random song off my iPod:

Lauryn Hill – Lost Ones

Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s

Just go to the site and listen to the music.

We weren’t good together, but you had good taste in music.

I had a friend who liked The Notwist a lot. We stopped talking but I continued to listen to The Notwist.

The Notwist – Where In The World