Monthly Archives: June 2011

Happy Birthday!

This little blog o’ mine has been around for two years. To celebrate, I made a playlist of my favorite songs that I’ve posted on the site.


Radiohead – Reckoner

I still say that Jesus sings this song while he’s driving.

Them Two – Am I A Good Man?

This was my first “great” post. “Great” as defined by me.

Avett Brothers – Murder In The City

A secret post about someone.

Tim Williams – I Hit Another Wall

This video got alot of compliments. Glad it got people to listen to the song.

The Walkmen – On The Water

Beautiful song and video. I love the last minute.

Voxtrot – Trepanation Party

This song spoke to me.

Shearwater – Red Sea, Black Sea

I look up this post to hear the song because I don’t have it on my iPod.

Lovers Love Haters – Poison

Reminds me of Nichole.

The National – Brainy

I’ve blogged about this band more than any other band EVER!

The Foxes – Lover, Killer

Nigel (the lovely lead singer of this band) actually read the post and was nice enough to contact me about it.




Traffic School Jams Vol. 1

Obey the rules of the road kids.

Pretty Girls Make Graves

“Liquid Courage.”