Violette+Biography=Me. (When I can’t think of a headline, I write stupid equations).


This info will make it easier for you to cyber stalk me:

Instagram user id: violette82


4 responses to “Viography

  1. Violette,
    This is the coolest music blog I know of. I’d like to do one too, but I don’t know how. Plus…I’d be hard to measure up to your standards!
    Great to finally meet you Saturday. I know we’re both busy and such, and we live kinda far apart, but maybe we can hang out sometime in the future?

    Hope you had a happy birthday! =)


  2. Hey

    Looks like a great site, I’m definitely gonna check it out.

    -random omegle buddy

  3. I never saw this section in your old site. Any ways that picture always cracks me up when I see it. I want to get that sticker and put in on different animals now.

    • No one ever reads this page. I think this particular page has gotten less than 10 hits in all the time that it’s been up. At that point, it’s just an Easter egg.

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