Monthly Archives: July 2010

Film School

MP3: Film School – Heart Full Of Pentagons


If Jesus sang songs while he was driving,

I think he would sing this song:

Sunday Playlist: This is what I listened to when I was…


Not quite this young, but I didn't have a photo of me at age 20.


Loved the lyrics once I took the time to listen to them. Good stuff.

Today sounds like…

Tim Williams – It Builds And Explodes

Sea Of Bees

Mp3: Sea Of Bees – Marmalade

I feel sorta kinda bad admitting it, but I was totally prepared to hate Sea Of Bees because this broad is a mega hipster. The song was just too damn good though. I’d like to write something about how I learned not to judge books by their covers, but I didn’t so I won’t.

Hear more from Sea Of Bees at

I Have Missed You

MP3: The Middle East – The Darkest Side

I may have posted this song before, I’m not sure and I was too lazy to check.

It’s beautiful. Made me miss music.