Monthly Archives: December 2016

I’m totally not dead, I promise.

Grammar? Don’t need it.

Hello astute readers who’ve noticed that I pretty much stopped posting. Like the jacked up headline says: I’m alive, I just stopped posting.

Why have I stopped posting? There are more reasons why I haven’t posted anything than I’d actually like to share with you. Mostly, it’s just that I’ve been busy with people and things that are more important than music. (14 year old Violette just cried as I typed that sentence).

I’ve literally been all over the place since the last 2 or 3 posts I made. A few months ago, I decided to “get my shit together” and made a series of important decisions in order to give myself a better life. It’s been really hard, but I’ve actually made a lot of progress. For the first time in what seems to be a lifetime: I have a plan.

More importantly, I’m actually following through with my choices and I’m actually making progress. Fuck it, I’m being modest. I’ve actually been successful and I’m proud of that.

I’d like to get back to posting music, but it’s taken a backseat to issues of actual importance. I think about my old readers, I think about my old friends, and I miss sharing music with them…it’s just something I’ve had to leave behind in order to focus on living an actual life.

I’m telling myself that I should try to post more often, I just don’t know if I’m actually going to listen.

Until I find a righteous one…