Sunday Playlist: “Aural* Ecstasy”

*Aural – Of, relating to, or perceived by the ear.

The Dears – Where The World Begins And Ends

Portishead – Roads

Lenny Kravitz – If You Can’t Say No

Garbage – Milk

The Rapture – Infatuation

Silversun Pickups – Three Seed

Chromatics – In The City

Radiohead – All I Need

Stone Roses – Made Of Stone

The Smiths – This Night Has Opened My Eyes

Bloc Party – Blue Light (Engineers ‘Anti-Gravity’ Mix)

Autolux – Capital Kind Of Strain

White Lies – Nothing To Give (M83 Remix)

Editors – Camera

Voxtrot – Trepanation Party

A Perfect Circle – Orestes



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